Wednesday, May 4, 2011

new bedroom art!

my new bedroom art revealed! i know, i know, you've been sitting on the edge of your seats for weeks just waiting for the big reveal, and i did my very best to get some decent photos, which i'm not thrilled with, but whatever. the time has come! 
here it is:

 a couple weeks ago i found this amazing artist and was completely inspired by one piece in particular. i like to think i'm a unique person with my own ideas, but i just felt the need to recreate this for my bedroom. it's slightly different, of course, but very obviously not my original concept. with that said, i still really love it!

piece of tan linen from the remnant bin, plus a couple skeins of embroidery floss and a frame i already had on hand made this a cheap project! and much more cheery than it appears in my photos...

i had some leftover materials, so i grabbed an empty frame from the vintage store in town, painted it black, and made another one.
lyric from one of our favorite songs {mentioned before because i love it!}

 this is the most accurate photo for the color scheme. and while i'm still a novice embroiderer, i think my stitches are getting better!


  1. oh i love it! what a sweet look. great lyrics too!

  2. What a great idea! I've been looking for crafty summer projects, this might have to top the list. Did you use special templates for the lettering?

  3. love the stitches and the art :) good job! i've been getting addicted to this sort of thing too. check out my stitched family pic :) it's entertaining if nothing else. lol

  4. Really cute. I'm enjoying all your makeover projects!

  5. That's a great idea. The ABCs for a kids room would be lovely.


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! you are so amazing, these look absolutely fabulous!

  7. Just found your blog via Pinterest and your paint chip art. Love those little framed pieces and this stitching!