Tuesday, May 10, 2011

news {or lack there of}

i'm so excited to show you more of my bedroom changes, but lately life has taken over my....well, life. and yes, i'm aware that doesn't make sense. but you get the over-all gist, and i don't care if my husband graduates with a masters in english comp {on thursday!} my writing can be non-nonsensical if i so choose. and i do!
anyway, trying to keep you posted on changes in my life over the past 2 weeks would look something like this:

we might have a job!
90% sure we have a job!
gave up 2 jobs for a sure thing!
i think we're moving to chicago!
ok, definitely not moving to chicago, but maybe some where else?
nevermind, we might be moving to chicago no matter what!
or perhaps we will both be unemployed in a few short weeks.

so basically absolutely everything is up in the air and any update i give you will likely be void within a few days {or hours!} some days we're rolling with the punches and some days i think my head will explode and that we've made all the wrong choices. 

only time will tell.
until then, i will continue to do what keeps me busy and my mind moving- namely, avoiding long stretches of time at the computer {which provides way too much time for mind-wandering and worst-case-scenario dwelling} and deep cleaning my apartment {that we may or may not be moving out of any time soon.....}
ah, life! someday we will look back at this time and think it was all worth it {at least i hope so!}


  1. oh the life of a young, married couple. i can relate on so many levels! i hope you move to chicago - then perhaps i'll see you :)

  2. oh life! it can be so hard right? but i can confidently assure you that when it comes to choices in life, there are rarely "good" and "bad" choices. even though nothing makes sense and that can be really exciting and Terrifying!, it may have been just the thing you two needed to take a step in a better direction. i mean, no matter what you choose to do there will be pros and cons, even if you had stuck with your previous jobs. also though, i understand. it's so effing hard to have everything up in the air, especially when you are an adult and have to pay for important stuff like rent. hang in there and i hope the things you're wanted present themselves soon!

  3. oh my goodness, i hope the job situation works out asap!!! i know how stressful that can be! not fun AT ALL. pretty sure i got ulcers when we were going through that.. i hope you find out soon, best of luck :) keep us posted!

  4. Oh goodness, best of luck to you! I hope everything works out soon. :)

  5. What craziness! Congrats to your husband though. I just wish I could give you a lasso to get everything under control. Let's just say, I can definitely relate lately.

  6. saying a prayer for you :) i wrote in my beautiful journal all afternoon today. (thanks, again! :) you're smart to stay away from the computer, when i'm overthinking -- it drives me crazy. i Rx lots of organizing and then watching a comedy