Thursday, April 28, 2011

little change #3

so i keep lots of my crafting supplies {as well as just about every card i've ever received} in boxes. many of which i've had for years. most of them have been either upcycled or re-covered at least once {such as the zebra print box i've had since high school} but a couple of them were overdue for a makeover. i covered them in brown craft paper and tried out this stamping technique i saw making the rounds on pintrest a few weeks ago:

my results:

i wrapped some scrap yarn around a block and used a sponge brush to cover it with acrylic paint. i wasn't very consistent with my application and the paint wasn't spread very evenly, but i like it anyhow.

 i always like trying something new and this was a pretty simple and low-risk project seeing as how anything i don't like can be covered with new paper.


  1. Love it! What a clever idea! I have so many of these types of boxes lying around... Might have to try this on Saturday! Thanks for the idea :)

  2. great idea. i save my cards too. any ideas for 12x12 album covering. i buy ugly ones from the thrift store instead of springing for new ones