Sunday, January 16, 2011

kicking the knitting habit

today i made my first non-knitting craft project since novemeber! {although i did check out a couple knitting books at the library}
i finally made myself a jewelry organizer. my sister-in-law and i made one for her {tutorial here!}, but i haven't felt the need to make my own until recently. i don't have a ton of jewels- just enough to start getting messy.

my bathroom counter:

cooped-up in the english pub ash-tray that husband's grandpa gave him. things get tangled.

 side note: this is the glass frog votive i've had since sixth grade that holds husband's wedding ring:

my bathroom wall:

 i found a beat-up-price-reduced frame at hobby lobby and painted it green {to match our other bathroom decor} i added the black ribbon to disguise a few major gashes, and hung with grosgrain ribbon. i like it. although the black doesn't exactly fit the color scheme, but i was working with what i have. and i'm really trying not to let the fact that one necklace in particular is just way too long. sister-in-law would never allow this to happen to her...

 and since it's already out, i thought i'd show you one of my favorite christmas gifts: this cutie from my bestie {she has one, too!} 
i wear it most days :)

although husband is always awed {thrilled, impressed, get the idea} with all of my many {and messy} projects {he's so supportive}, he really thinks i should add some of these to my shop.  
opinions? i'd love to hear what you think!


  1. Yes! You really should. Those are so neat! I freakin' love me some Hobby Lobby. :)

  2. Love the jewelry holder. I made an earring holder similar to that, but not as cute. Sell them!


  3. It's fantastic. Seriously, sell them -- everyone will want one. I already do!

  4. I love it - completely practical but so cute! I think it would be great to sell!

  5. cute! i have a couple similar ones & i love them because they are not only cute & decorative, they are functional!

  6. I think it would be a great idea if you added the jewelry holder to your shop. I saw it and already know a couple people I would get it for.

    Too bad I'm so busy with tons of other projects to make my own right now. :(

  7. do it!! i just got a jewelry wall rack for christmas because my bathroom counter looked the same as yours. when i was looking for a jewelry rack i had a hard time finding one that was first of all hanging, and secondly that looked cute. there just aren't a lot out there. if they're not too hard to make, i say do it. the problem is that wall racks from urban outfitters are about $25, which is pretty affordable. so if it costs more or takes too much time, it may not be worth it to sell them at comparative prices. i would love to see more options though, and i think a lot of women do to.

  8. I love this. I've been on the look out for something like this for ages but to no avail. But yes, I agree with Kimbirdy about pricing, as you may not be competitive with other retailers.


  9. You should! Just found your blog and so happy I did. Off to read more of your posts. XO!

  10. i'd say go for it. they are cute and incredibly practical. i've been meaning to make one myself for quite some time now. i love yours, its cute and i like the black ribbon around it!