Tuesday, January 18, 2011

friday nights

Friday night is our date night. we don't do anything fancy, just cuddle on the couch, indulge in our latest TV obsession, and eat pizza (usually frozen, sometimes delivery) this week it struck me as completely ridiculous that we haven't been making our own. Seriously, we have a bread machine and making crust couldn't be any easier.

Before it goes in the oven:

 (tomato, red onion and yellow pepppers)

when it came out:
so yummy! 

Although i needed to flour the pan a little more, the bottom layer stuck a bit!

As for our TV obsessions, most often it's an old HBO show. Early this year it was The Wire. (seriously almost-unhealtily-obsessed with that one) and now it's Carnivale- it's like a combination of Water for Elephants and Grapes of Wrath (plus there's magic)

 And speaking of Water for Elephants, I'm so excited for the movie! Although I just discovered that Robert Pattinson is the lead. Am I the only woman in America who is not attracted to him. At. All?


  1. OMG, I LOVED Carnivale! Such a great show. Just to let you know (if you didn't already) that the last episode was filmed before the show was cancelled, so they don't wrap up all the storylines. Still totally worth it.

    And I'm with you on Robert Pattison. I just don't get. But then I'm from a time when vampires weren't sparkly (my sum total knowledge on the Twilight series).

  2. i haven't seen carnivale, but it sounds good. and i am totally NOT attracted to robert pattinson AT ALL. he's kind of gross. i'm actually not really into the vampire thing either... unless by "vampire thing" you mean buffy the vampire slayer. a feminine hero for all of us. :)

  3. When we don't feel like cooking, my husband and I make frozen pizzas, but we always add a little something fresh on top - some fresh chese(es) and whatever veggies or meat we feel inspired by. It takes it from mediocre to awesome (although I'm sure your completely home-made ones are at a whole other level!)

  4. it is SUCH a shame that he is in that movie, because both my husband and i were all interested in seeing it and then robert pattinson popped up in the trailer and we were like "ewwwwww, noooooo!" true story. he disgusts me.

    anyways, that pizza looks good :) haha

  5. Mmmmmmm, homemade pizza is the best! I loved Water for Elephants. Not sure how I feel about Robert Pattinson playing Jacob though...

  6. sounds like our friday nights!! except sometimes we go out to dinner & when we stay in it's always take-out. i really should make pizza one of these times.. it's been too long. yours looks delish!

  7. I just blogged about being excited for the Water for Elephants movie. Have you read the book? It's awesome! You should. And no I don't like Robert Pattinson, I just think it's funny that he played in a Harry Potter movie before he became the "sexy vampire."

  8. You lost me after the pizza. Oh...thank you kelsterjean. I just realized who he was.