Thursday, January 20, 2011

goodbye hair helmet

i got a haircut!
can you tell?
well, that's ok, not many people noticed. and really, it looks exactly the same from the front. i just got the weird mullet-y part in the back cut off. 

and why don't i have a picture of the back, then? and why are the photos so far away, you ask? well, after struggling to take a decent photo myself, i asked husband to step in and take the photos. the thing is, i get really awkward. so it works better if he doesn't stand so close. it limits my deer-in-the-headlights look which can quickly turn into cranky-wife face. longer distances are better.
{also, this is my mom's vest. she made it in college and i love it.}


  1. i get awkward when getting my picture taken too. i started taking pictures of myself for the blog and it is definitely tricky (and still awkward).

    your hair is super cute! and that wall pattern is pretty awesome too.

  2. I always admire people who post great pictures of themselves to their blogs. Even if I DO get over my self-consciousness long enough to ask someone to take my picture, I immediately start making these awkward faces and then it's just a big mess. Which is to say, I feel your pain, and I think your hair looks fantastic!

  3. Your hair is ADORABLE! And that vest is rad.

  4. You are beautiful. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I look forward to future posts. Wishing you happiness, Katherine