Thursday, October 7, 2010

a little wallowing. and a thanks too.

your recent comments have been so wonderful and put a smile on my little face.
lately i've been dealing with severe allergies. severe severe allergies. i've had them since i was a kid, so i'm no stranger to pretty much every symptom that goes along with that- including eyes that swell shut. 
but living in kansas has made things even worse. my asthma is out of control and i've been sleeping at least 11 hours a day, and if i'm not at work i'm wallowing on the couch. 

and it's been miserable.

if i was a normal person i would have realized that being this miserable isn't normal for anyone, but i've just grown to expect it so my whole base frame-of-reference is off. but this week i reached my breaking point and made a doctors appointment.
so after a steroid shot, two new inhalers with increased potency, and an additional pill prescription, i am very hopeful that i will be feeling like a normal human being again. {although it might all just be too good to be true}

anyway, i'm taking the night off and basking in kansas football and my newest craft obsession {which i promise to reveal soon!}

so again, thank you all so much for all your wonderful kindess! i really needed it :)


  1. football on a Thursday?? Jealous! Hope you feel better very soon! I have a doc appt. too on Monday . . . hate going, but sometimes it's worth it!

  2. aww, i hope you feel better babe. my seasonal allergies are enough for me to want to bash my head in so i can't even imagine how you've felt. i really hope the new meds work!!

  3. I'm so glad you went to the doctors -- there's really nothing worse that being constantly out of sorts. Last year I developed an allergy to my cats. I was SO miserable all the time and had trouble sleeping. And I didn't do a thing for months. It's much better to be proactive and get some normalcy back (even if means a shot and another pill).

  4. I hope the new drugs work fantastic. And if that is a picture of you smiling, you need to eat more. You are wasting away!


  5. Hang in there! Thinking about you and sending get better thoughts your way!

  6. oh allergies are awful! i'm severely allergic to corn and all corn-related products (which are in EVERYTHING in america). when i was young and getting allergies i thought i had done something mean to the earth, like stepped on it wrong, and it was getting revenge on me. i hope you and kansas can find a way to be happy together!