Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my new fall bag

fall finally feels like it's arriving! so to celebrate {true to form} i made myself a new bag.

it's pretty simple. just an extra-long squared-bottom tote made with grey wool. i used an old belt for the straps, and added a magnetic closure.

i just love buttons. 
big. red. buttons.
misti liked it so much i made a couple more to sell in her store this holiday season.

and a couple more on the way!


  1. these are perfect for fall/winter. i just love them... the one you made for yourself is my favorite, of course!

  2. They're so fantastic! I love that little bit of extra detail you put on the inside there. Maybe I should tell you about my bag woes and see if you can fix them...

  3. I am OBSESSED with grey and red together right now. I love the red buttons!

  4. Really cute! I just finished a plaid messenger bag. Love fall!

  5. I like the plaid one too, but I also like the big red buttons.

    Great work.


  6. Wow! Super cute! Perfect for this time of year!

  7. being a button junkie, how could i not like this cute tote? :)

  8. SO cute! i recently learned to sew and i've been wanting to try my hand at making a bag. yours look so great!

  9. Oh wow, I love it!!! The buttons are a great touch!