Saturday, October 9, 2010

knitting spree!

with cooler weather clearly on it's way i've been on a knitting spree. husband has been asking me to knit him a new winter hat for a while now and i finally found a pattern i liked. it's knotty but nice from
 i'm pretty excited about how it turned out. i only consider myself a casual knitter and i've never used a cable chart before. success!

{as i may have previously mentioned, husband hates having his photo taken so you'll have to accept this flat photo as an action shot}

i also made a new pair of fingerless gloves for me. i love mittens and gloves {of the fingerless variety} and this pattern is actually the reason i learned to knit. i stumbled upon it years ago and immediately bought stitch 'n bitch, taught myself how to knit and within 10 days made myself a pair of these. 

unfortunately i lost one glove last year and needed a new pair. and since i live in wildcat country now, i thought this was fitting:

and then, just for fun, i whipped up one of those big chunky cowls i've been seeing all over the place {ahem, etsy}

i used some light blue/grey wool from an old sweater i frogged last year. i'm thinking about making some matching mittens out of it, too.
i think i've satisfied the knitting itch. 
for now.


  1. you are awesome, lady! all these products are bomb! i can basically only knit a scarf haha. i've heard that book is awesome, i need to look into getting it! hmm...maybe for christmas... :]

  2. Those clothes are so cute! Nicely done!

  3. Everything looks great! I wish I could sew and stitch like that. I get like that with papercrafting though.

  4. Wow, all your knitting endeavours look amazing! I am seriously green eyed - I have tried knitting but I just don't think it's my forte.

    My poor mum spent hours with me teaching me how to do it, but I promptly forgot all she said!


  5. Wow! You are for sure more than a casual knitter lady - everything turned out beautifully!

  6. The knitting bug has hit me hard too! Love your items!

  7. Beautiful cowl! I need to get busy on my knitting or my daughters won't get their Christmas presents! :)

  8. gorgeous! i love knitting, but i can only knit things that are rectangular. :) love that cowl! i think i might make one of those bad boys this fall, if only it weren't still 90 degrees!

  9. i so wish i could knit! love those gloves!

    loving your blog too! super cute!!

    your newest follower!