Monday, October 11, 2010

embroidery is fun

so last weekend i learned a new crafting skill. 
which actually doesn't sound all that exciting. but it really is!
i've been wanting to learn for forever and i checked out this book at the library, bought a couple hoops from my local junk/thrift store and flung myself head-first into some new projects.

my first project came directly from the book:

the stitches are a little uneven, but i kinda love it. although i have no idea what to do with it now...

{what a mess!}

for my next project i wanted something we could hang. husband and i are huge fans of arron sorkin's work and one of our favorite movies is charlie wilson's war. and in our favorite scene of this favorite movie is the line "don't be an idiot". it's hilarious and we say it to each other all the time. 
so i embroidered it!

my last project is definitely my favorite. and most ambitious.
{i worked on it all weekend while watching football with husband}

{not so bad!}
i'm just obsessed with this one. and embroidery in general {which still seems so dorky to say out loud} well whatever, i fly my dork flag high and proud!


  1. These are all adorable -- especially the last one! Clearly, you are a natural embroiderer (hmmm, is that a word?). I'm jealous!

  2. you are sooo talented angelina!! I'm loving these, esp. that last one!!! gorgeous! you should sell these as well


  3. I totally remember doing this with my Grandma when I was younger. Lots of peeps for Easter. She used to sew them onto pillows, maybe you can try that?

  4. I. LOVE. THESE! They are both absolutely fantastic. You are making embroidery look chic. Not easily done :) I'm now tempted to dabble myself...

  5. these are AWESOME!! how come you are so freaking talented!? i love it ♥

  6. These are wonderful, Angie! I really love the last one. I used to do embroidery when I was younger and had so much fun with it. Maybe I'll pick it back up and do a piece like the tree trunk for me and my boyfriend. Did you use any patterns for these?

  7. Nice! I did embroidery when I was a kid and I even picked up some hoops relatively recently on clearance - another project to add to the growing pile! :)

  8. Those are so awesome! Seriously! That's fabulous. I need to do something more crafty. Very cool. (-: I'm inspired.


  9. those look so great! i did some embroidery work for the first time ever to make wedding decorations for my wedding and it was pretty fun. where did you find a wooden hoop? it's perfect for your cute tree!

  10. I love them all and wish I had the patience to make one!

  11. These are all so great! I love embroidery and haven't done it for such a long time! Love the "idiot" one best! :) love your blog btw

  12. I think that dork flag is working for you! :) Adorable! Love the "Don't be an idiot" and the bark one is so cute too! Way to go!

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is so cute and I'm jealous of all your craftiness (those bags are amazing) and I don't think you're a dork for loving embroidery. :)