Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my annoying cats

always crawling into things {whether they fit or not}...

... like my half-open drawers:

and rubbing cat hair on the bottom of all my sweaters:

and an open cabinet door is an open invitation:

this one will chew on anything:

and sleep on anything...

... like this bookshelf:

... or in my ribbon drawer:

... or in a box full of clean socks:
 it's a good thing we love them so much! {and it helps they look so cute when they're asleep}


  1. LOVE these photos. My fat cat stuffed himself inside of a box WAY too small for him today then refused to leave it for four hours. I'm now wondering if he had stuffed himself so good he was just unable to leave it...

  2. I may be distracted by the amazingness of the furlions and quality of photography to impartially comment :)

  3. so stinking cute!!

    i wish my husband wasn't allergic. would love to have a cat. my dad was allergic growing up. so i have never had one and probably never will. :(

  4. oh. p.s. i blogged about YOU today!!! head over to check it out and get your badge!

  5. They're so cute! My cat (Bob) looks a lot like your one on top of the bookshelves. He's calming down now that he's older but when he was a kitten he managed to get onto the roof of our 5 storey apartment building!

  6. Oh my goodness they are so stinking cute! Isn't it funny the places they will get into and snuggle up in? We have TWO foster kittens right now in addition to my two, and the dog. We're a full house!

  7. oh this is SO my cat! every time i set any type of bag down (purse, grocery bag, etc.) she climbs right on in! it is pretty cute though!

  8. Awe, so many cute kitties! They should meet my Dimitri, haha.

    By the way, I've always loved the sound of the violin. It's so cool that you can play it. I've never even tried taking classes ... I know I have no talent for it =(.


  9. They are ADORABLE! I love kitties that are a bit sweet and mischievous!

  10. It's funny how they really can be comfortable anywhere! Mine love cabinets too and you can't leave anything open and walk away.

  11. ahaha i love all these pictures. especially the one with the cat opening the drawer with his mouth. that's a riot.

  12. i am really in love with your blog.
    you made me smile. so, thank you...