Sunday, September 19, 2010

monogram extravaganza!

we've been in our new apartment for just over a month, and so i've been doing a lot of crafting lately. and furniture rearranging. and general "nesting" stuff. it all started with the wallpaper, and now i have totally redone our livingroom artwork.
i've gone monogram crazy!

i went bigger, i went better, and i used the existing nail holes! {which explains the random placements} i'm really digging the whole thing. and since our last name won't be changing anytime soon, i'm thinking these little jewels will work in all our future housing.

my favorite part? i used craft materials i already had around the house. nothing new needed! i'm all about using what you have on hand.
{a stenciled "m" on a burlap coffee bag in an old record frame}

 {husband's favorite. this was an {ugly} metal wall-hanging. i covered it with contact paper with a scrap paper "m"}

 {my favorite. this is actually a frame which the glass was broken out during the move. i covered it with a piece of wool to make a stretched canvas of sorts, and embroidered the "m"}

  {a blank canvas i already had. it's just wine corks sliced up, painted, and hot glued on.}

 {another blank canvas i had on hand. painted, with buttons hot glued on}

{a frame that was already on the wall. i used my exacto knife to cut the "m" out in white card stock, glued that to the dark green, and glued that to the bright green}

{another frame already on the wall. just a variety of "m"s drawn out in tan fine-point sharpie}

i want to add a few more that aren't square or handmade by me, so i'm keeping my eyes peeled for vintage "m"s-  something along these lines.

i've definitely got a few other things going on in our place {both big and small}, so this may just end up being a week of apartment posts!


  1. So creative! The green one is my fave!

  2. Angie, this is just fantastic! I love all the different textures and fonts and sizes. You did a wonderful job. I seriously adore how crafty you are -- you're endlessly inspiring.

  3. Hey Angie! This is a great idea! They're all so unique :)

  4. Very neat collection! I love the coffee bag one!

  5. I don't think I could possibly love the way that wall looks anymore. You clearly have impeccable taste & great style & TALENT! love it!

  6. remember when i said the cork one was my favorite?? well...they are ALL my favorite. i just love this!

    now, if only i had the wall space to sustain this!

  7. Your 'm's are so cute. I really, really like the button one :)

  8. That is so cute! I love that idea, I may try to do something similar in my house! Thanks!!!