Tuesday, September 21, 2010

vintage couch love

this weekend we got an early christmas gift from my mom and dad
it's a couch. and it. is. awesome!

i walked into one of our local vintage stores {second thyme around} and there it was. it's in excellent condition and fits perfectly. {and it totally matches the vintage gold chair we already have}

{the price tag}

and besides the fact that husband and i have been without a couch for over a year {and our previous couch was a futon} the kitty loves it, too.

yeah, we stayed inside all weekend cuddling and sleeping on our new couch. 


  1. i just absolutley love it! it's even better than i imagined...

    (i love you, too!)

  2. I really love that couch! It looks so well with your new wall of "m" pictures.

  3. ahhhh, adorable kitty picture!! eeks :] the couch looks awesome in that room! what a great find!

  4. oh my goodness, I'M IN LOVE!!! i looove that color. just beautiful!

  5. It's awesome! And it even got the kitty nap stamp of approval. Jackpot if you ask me.

  6. Great couch. Love the colour!

    Alan and I have been married 8 years and have yet to buy a new couch. We just keep inheriting them from people who've got something new. The one we have now is super comfy, and has a french country feel. And it was free, so you can't beat that!