Saturday, September 18, 2010


i made some more of martha's cupcakes yesterday. i tried some new things {like candying orange slices} and they turned out great!
i present, orange-vanilla bean cupcakes with candied orange slices and swiss meringue buttercream:
these are some yummy cupcakes, even without the delicious toppings. heavy cream, lots of vanilla, and fresh squeezed orange juice and zest in the batter. i may or may not have had a couple for breaky this morning.

my kitchen smelled good all day from those orange slices.

i just wish i didn't always make the biggest mess possible. i spend as much time cleaning up as baking, and that's no fun at all.
{good thing it always tastes good!}


  1. Oh yum! I bet those tasted amazing!

    I know what you mean about the cleaning though. I wish I had a maid who'd come in behind me and tidy up while I sat somewhere cozy nibbling a cupcake. Much more fun...

  2. you're like...really talented. these look yummy, and i dont even like oranges! and yes, i hate the cleaning. my husband gets annoyed when i bake because there is so much clean up. there's got to be some sort of easier way...right? haha, enjoy the treats!

  3. Those look AWESOME! Mmmmmm... I will have to look up the recipe. The cleanup is the only downside to baking (which I do really love to do).

  4. Great job! They look yummy! I have the Martha Book but haven't tried that recipe yet. I e-mailed you just now with some top secret cupcake info... :)

  5. I hope you enjoyed your cappuccino! These look AMAZING

  6. These look absolutely fantastic! It's almost as if Martha was in your kitchen with you. I'm going to have to try this candying technique -- I recently had a candied carrot that was delicious, and I like the idea of using a candied fruit as part of a beautiful cupcake like this.

  7. ooh, candied orange slices! those cupcakes look fantastic!