Thursday, September 16, 2010

creative camping equipment

husband and i like to camp.
or at least we used to, before we moved to kansas where the summers are stiffing hot and the cool fall air is full of toxic pollen.

so, sadly, all our backpacking stuff sits in a box, way in the back of our closet. 
 {photos from backpacking in the u.p. with these guys

 but i have found new uses for some things, such as our head lamp. i get up for work much earlier than husband, so to avoid having to pick out clothes the night before {yuck} or stumbling around in the dark without ever finding a pair of clean underwear {double yuck} i'm using the headlamp. it's pure genius.
and now i'm thinking: fondue party in the living room floor with our camp stove? there may be something to that....


  1. Wow, what an AWESOME path! Where is this? I had my first backcountry hiking experience in Shenandoah National park (we saw 17 black bears in 4 days...which scared the life out of me). But I still dream about hiking in the mountains. It would be great to learn more about your hiking adventures.

  2. I just saw the caption that said "u.p." I grew up in Michigan and lived for a short time in the u.p. but never saw trails like this one.

  3. Fondue parties are so fun! Do it girl!

  4. Great idea. But I hope you get to use your gear for it's real purpose soon.


  5. What a great idea! My boyfriend gets so mad at me when I wake him up because the clothes I chose the night before are just not what I want to wear lol. And I think a fondue party with the camp stove should be done just don't set the living room on fire :P