Tuesday, September 7, 2010

living room facelift

i stubbled upon my biggest weekend project on monday morning. a little late into the holiday, but luckily it only took an afternoon. 
i "wallpapered" our main living room wall with contact paper.

before {plain and boring}

and after!

actually, it just looks like i painted the squares.
it was so simple.

i cut plain white contact paper into 6x6 1/2 inch squares, and put them up- pretty unscientifically, too. you can see the slightly down-ward sloping trend in the final photos. but i don't like things to be perfect so it's fine.

in-progress shots:

and it really only took a couple hours. i went to the store to get the paper, and started putting it up. husband was doing homework in the other room {aka the bedroom} and when he came out i had 1/3 of the wall done. {that's right, i didn't even tell him! surprises are more fun don't you think?}

the only problem i have now is that i think the frames look weird. they're too close together maybe? the wall looks much bigger now and they just seem so clumped together. i would rehang them, but that's like 15 nails to take out and move, and we rent so we really can't put that many nail holes in one wall. in one little area.
so help?


  1. holy cow I love that. I'm trying to think which wall I can do it to and with what color since my walls are white....

  2. wow that looks fantastic! what a great idea! i don't know about the frames. i think they still look good, but i get what you mean. maybe move a few of the outer ones outward a little bit? then you'd only have to move a few nails and it might balance the look out. just a thought...?

  3. You are so dang creative! That looks AMAZING and I never would have thought of doing that. I don't think the frames look weird at all. I love it!!!

  4. Wow - that looks awesome! I see what you mean about the frames, it is not bad though! I would probably do another cluster of frames in a similar style maybe next to the existing one - and look out for the 3D command strip hanging system so you wont have to hammer anymore holes. :)

  5. Angie! Brilliant idea! Adding that contact paper to the wall is just a complete transformation. I think the problem with the frames is that they're all about the same size as the squares on the wall. I think one bigger picture might make more sense there, but if you want to keep those frames on, could you create a larger background for them? As if they were all hung on a giant bulletin board or something. That might help.

  6. what if you modpodged the pics onto canvas and hung them that way- instead of the black frames...i think the frames might stand out too much- but MP them onto thier own canvas the same/abotu the same size they would float...?

  7. That's really stunning -- I love when a little idea makes a really big impact.

    I agree that the pictures look a bit odd. What if you removed the contact paper squares from the wall just behind where the photos are? It might frame them a little bit and give the grouping their own space.

  8. That looks awesome! It's amazing what a little creativity can do, and what a fun project to work on!

    Hmmm... I see what you mean about the frames though it wouldn't bother me too much. Maybe removing some of them would make it seem less cluttered? Either way, great job!!!

  9. That looks so cool! I would want the photos to space out a little too. Maybe if you get slightly bigger frames to cover some of the nail holes might be good?

    We can't do cool things like this to our condo. We rent too. :(

  10. Wow what a cool idea :) I think it looks great and not too hard to do, very impressed :)

    Laura x