Thursday, September 9, 2010

whoa boy!

 i don't spend much time hunting down new music. husband does that. and he enjoys doing it, so i'm always being introduced to different music. 

a couple weeks ago he found the punch brothers, and there has been little room for anything else on my playlist ever since. oh yes friends, i can't get enough of their bluegrassy sounds and great harmony. i could go on and on, but i'll just let you listen for yourselves.

Punch Brothers - New Music - More Music Videos

nothing but lots and lots of love for these guys.
and in not-music-related news, i'm so glad everyone seems to agree
with me on yesterday's post. the frames no longer work and i 
need to go bigger. so i'm working on a new project.

i'm also waiting not-so-patiently for the fall issue of manhattan
magazine to be printed! i've seen the article, and i can't
wait to see it all together. it's just too bad no one in
manhattan will get to read it because i think i need
a couple hundered copies all of my own!


  1. I absolutely love their sound! I've been looking for something like this -- thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Hey if you like the punch brothers, try looking up:

    1) Mumford and Sons (their getting more famous but still good, a Scotland band with a mean fiddle player).

    2) Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band (A "family" band consisting of a wife, a husband, and a brother. The wife plays the washboard and their songs are hilarious and so catchy).

    Happy Hunting!

  3. Ooooh - LOVE tghis group! Adding to my playlist now... :)

  4. oh my goodness! what a fun blog you have here! i am your newest follower and i discovered you through brandi's blog. glad i did! my fiance is a violinist and i grew up in the heart of bluegrass country {chattanooga, tn}, and we play around with bluegrass music a lot among other things. i haven't heard the punch brothers but they're pretty fun! i also agree with kelsterjean about mumford & sons - a great band, more indie rock than pure bluegrass.

  5. They're awesome! Thanks so much for sharing the tunes (and they're not bad on the eyes now either... hehe). I love bluegrass and try to catch the jamgrass bands that are out there now as often as I can, including Younder Mountain String Band, Hot Buttered Rum, and String Cheese Incident (before they experimented with a techno/electronica sound). I will have to see when Punch Bro's tour!