Tuesday, September 7, 2010

good food weekend

among other activities this holiday weekend, i ate some excellent food. cooked by foodie  friend cheryl:
ginger pear pork tenderloin, asparagus and bread contributed by friend rachelle, and blondie brownie cupcakes from me.

 i died and went to heaven. 
and then i had seconds and pet an adorable kitty.

it was a good night.


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  2. A delicious dinner followed by seconds and kitty cuddles? Sounds like you had an awesome night. I was just trying to not have a second lunch, but I'm giving in after seeing your photo of this meal.

  3. mmmm mmmm, i love when OTHER people cook :) and cuddling kitties, of course.

  4. YUM!! i'm starving. i need to hire a personal chef. ps you and kitty are cute :]

  5. Sorry I missed it, but glad my recliner made it into the picture :)