Saturday, July 3, 2010

it's the 4th!

i'm so excited it's the holiday weekend!
the 4th has long been hubby and i's favorite holiday. it marks the anniversary of our first date {6 years ago!} we met up with friends, headed downtown and watched the fireworks.
 it was perfect.

we've pretty much repeated that same date every year. some of the locations have changed and sometimes a friend or 2 couldn't make it home- but mostly, it's always been the same. and we never miss watching the show together {and cuddling in the dark}

this year we're far away from those people and those places and while i'm excited for the weekend, it's hard not to be homesick at the same time.

but it's time to buck-up and stop this pitty party! we're having friends over today {the ones who are still in town, that is} and i still get to be with my love {which is really all that matters} and so maybe it's going to be a great weekend after all.
{but just to make sure we don't get too moppy, i've outlawed these names at our house for the next 48 hours: sarah & matt, rob, brad & caitlin, and don- we miss you dearly!}
{one year we played croquet}
{rob played in seersucker}
 {hubby played "swords"}
{and i was all business}

and last year, at a porch party with these guys:
{sarah! why so angry?}

{much better!}

happy holiday, friends! i hope it's a good one <3


  1. Hope y'all have lots of fun this year. My family and I are going to a family party tomorrow night. Always good food and wimpy peeling fireworks that sizzle out in the pond in the back yard. :)

  2. oh, how fun! i hope this day is fabulous!

  3. missed you yesterday. like crazy, girl!

    hope your fourth was fabulous and you got lots of cuddles in!

  4. YAY!!! I've found you!! When you first commented on my blog, I clicked on your profile, and there was no blog link (and therefore I was crushed!). Finally I found your link and am so excited to be following your blog now. :) I love the way your whole blog is set up, and your background, and everything! Also, you should know that I'm sitting down right now to paint my nails your happy yellow (while watching The Bachelorette and drinking wine). :) So glad we're blog friends at last!