Friday, July 2, 2010

frog collection: vintage edition

just a couple weeks ago i "showed off" my little frog collection. and now it's time to show you my biggest {and most favoritest} one!

the vintage frog pitcher:

i got it over 10 years ago {a christmas gift from mom}

i''m really quite taken with it. how many people do you know with crazy awesome animal pitchers?!

and then a couple years later, i got the rest of the set...
{how cute is this little guy?}

i love the colors. and the whole lilly pad thing.

hubby thinks they're kitschy, but of course i don't see anything wrong with that! so the pitcher is out on display, the sugar bowl is in use on the counter, and the mugs are all in the cabinet.
so, i think this concludes my collection. i'm sure i've got a few other frogs floating around somewhere, but nothing else worth showing.


  1. That is so cool, and so pretty! I love the pitcher, and the matching mugs with the lily pads! (And apparently, I also love exclamation points!)

  2. i used to collect frog stuff. of course now i have no idea where any of it is... blurg