Friday, April 8, 2011

little change #1

yellow doilies + old cans + art supplies
{with a little double stick tape thrown in there}
  i've been looking at so many photos of beautiful rooms this week and have finally figured out that the secret is in the details. so i'm working on changing our details around.

i think this is a good start!


  1. I love them!!!


  2. yes, details are the design...happy weekend

  3. They're adorable. A very good way to change things up a bit. I think it's always good to add yellow to your life. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Angie.

  4. I love those! I know it looks really basic, but you should do a tutorial on these. I know that's bad, because it does look like a pretty basic project. It's just, I'm really, truly, horrifyingly horrible at arts and crafts. :( But I want to be oh, so good at them.

  5. what a sweet idea! and so easy too. i love it.