Sunday, April 10, 2011

sisterly love aka best package ever!

so my birthday was just over a week ago, but i have to show off the most amazing birthday package from my big sis:
i wish i could put it on display. her hubs told her she was crazy for putting so much work into a box because i would just throw it away. yeah right! i think he's the crazy one. 

"a sister's love means everything especially when i can call her friend!"
the most special feature- each section opens up with more goodies!

and this box is chalk full!

i love the cat artwork she made me, because let's be honest, i'm a husband away from being a crazy cat lady.

although, it's a close race between scrappy kitties and a birthday frog cookie.
of course, the art work has lasted a lot longer...


  1. love this! great sister love
    i am also a cat lady married to a closet cat man

  2. That's so cute! I love all the effort she put into it..

  3. So cute! I love everything. That froggie cookie is so cute.

  4. I do think that seriously is the best package ever! You're lucky to have one incredible big sis. The frog cookie is my favorite part!

  5. oh that's such an amazing package!! what a super sweet big sister.

  6. Sisters and parcels... two of the best things EVER!

  7. Happy Birthday. The gift is fantastic.


  8. awww omg, what an awesome sister! that gift is AMAZING, and i love the cat artwork too :)