Monday, February 14, 2011

it's valentine's day!

oh valentine's day. what a controversial holiday. and not one that i have ever particularly liked or celebrated- hubby and i rarely acknowledge the day, except maybe for a small love note or two. i do love making things and telling people i love them, so i made some cards for friends, and then i made some more for all my kiddos at school.

i found these over at mer mag and thought they were perfect. 

i made a few changes and personalized them a little so that each kid wouldn't get exactly the same thing.
i think pirates arrrr adorable!
{groan....sorry, i couldn't help it....}

well, whether you celebrate it or not, i hope you're all having a beautiful day!


  1. Those Valentine's are SO adorable! They make me laugh :)
    I'm not celebrating today either, but I am taking this day (like Thanksgiving) to be grateful and loving towards friends + family :) Have a wonderful day!!

  2. haha! i love these!! what fun little notes. and we don't celebrate v-day either. in fact, i can't wait for it to be over and all these internet hearts to go away... bah-humbug! or whatever the valentine's day equivalent is. :)

  3. So cute! You put a lot more effort into your cards than my one valentine card!

  4. These Valentine's are the best! Who could say no to this holiday if they received something like that? I don't celebrate much, but I try to make it a point and tell all my friends how fantastic I think they are. Like you. You're awesome, Angie, and I'm so glad we found each other on this great big blogosphere.

  5. They are so cute! I love pirates! :)
    I don't celebrate valentines day either, it's definately not one of my favourite holidays.
    Happy Monday to you though! :) x

  6. Those are so adorable. I love homemade valentine's. The hubs and I don't really celebrate valentine's day either, but it is a holiday I love!

  7. What a cute idea!
    My husband was working, so I went out with my single friends instead & had a blast!
    I hope you're having a lovely week!

  8. these are FABULOUS!!!!

    i bet they made a lot of kid's day yesterday :)

  9. ha ha those made me laugh. See you can do mini cards too, like the ones I made for Halloween.