Sunday, February 13, 2011

indulging the obession

i found this big herringbone cowl on the purl bee a little while ago and i wanted it.
i needed it. 
i had to have it!
so i spent a vast majority of my down-time knitting a new cowl.

theirs {of course} looks better, but i do really like mine.  i stuck with the cream color, but used cotton yarn so it's dreamysoft {yup, it's a word}

and i think with this project i may finally have kicked this knitting habit. not that it's a bad thing, but i have so many other projects i've been neglecting because i just can't seem to put the knitting needles down. 

just step away from the needles lady!


  1. This is so pretty...don't stop knitting! I knit through you!!! I'm not very good at it and I love seeing what you made.

  2. That is DELICIOUS looking! I. want. that. on. my. neck.

  3. I wish I were able to pick up my needles more! I should start knitting Christmas presents right now... haha... or after I graduate. :)

    I LOVE that cowl btdubbs. I could see myself wearing it right now. *hint* make me one? haha

  4. That is gorgeous! I've been wrapped up in my November Ruffle Wrap....well, since November! It has been the winter to wear it!