Thursday, October 28, 2010

wedding rings {chronology}

I recently posted about one of hubby's tattoos. but i also wanted to share this one, too.
it's the reason we went into that parlor to begin with:
His (tattooed) wedding band. 
He's not a jewelry person, and I always knew that he wouldn't be crazy about a ring, so this was perfect. Growing up my dad never really wore his wedding ring (I have no idea why)  so I always just thought it was kinda optional for men. Because of that, it really wasn't a source of contention that his wedding band may not be a permanent fixture of his left hand.

Add to that the fact that my sister (the maid of honor) forgot his wedding band during the ceremony and we had to make due with her teeny-tiny little ring. Seriously, this thing was small. It wouldn't fit over his first knuckle! So I always joke that he didn't get a ring during the ceremony so why would I expect him to wear it?
But to go the traditional route, we still got him an (all metal) ring as well, but he lost it within a couple months of the wedding. Although to be fair he was an avid rock-climber at the time and he was always having to take the thing on and off. 

So I got him one for christmas:
 He helped pick it out from this shop on etsy. All wood and very light and comfortable. He wore it all the time, but after about a year it broke (see the crack?)

So then I got him this one (from this amazing shop):
Probably my favorite. Nope, definitely my favorite! I like that it's a combo of the first two rings: metal and wood together. He still doesn't wear it much and so I did sometimes, but he thought it was weird so I stopped. I don't know, i guess it is kinda weird...

and just so I don't feel left out, here's mine (which could use a good polish, i see...)

i absolutely adore it and you'll never catch me without it. 
Josh picked it out all on his own from a local shop, and later we got the wedding band made especially to go with it. I wanted something simple that didn't take away from the unique shape. 

And I love it most of all. Because of all it stands for, because it's my very own one-of-a-kind, and because it was chosen by my very own love!


  1. my husband won't even let his wedding band go over his knuckls - he's that attached to it!

    me on the other hand, i wear it sometimes and not other times. i'm just not a ring type person,and i try to tell him not to get so upset about it, but he still does!

  2. joel should get a ring tattooed on his finger.. he forgets to wear it half the time. he had never worn jewelry before and after over two years i think he's still getting used to it. i really like the wooden one, too bad it didn't last!

  3. his tattoo looks great, and its extra smart since he doesnt like wearing rings. i like all the different ones he's had though! and yours it gorgeous, i love it!! :]

  4. Your ring is lovely. My male cousin has a wedding ear-ring. Is that how you spell that word? Whatever works for the couple.


  5. his tattoo is awesome {i love tattoos!} and so is that wooden ring! i love the look of wooden rings. my husband {that's still so weird to say!} carved a little wooden ring to propose with because the real engagement ring wasn't ready in time. i ended up loving that wooden ring maybe a little more than the diamond. :) but i stopped wearing it because it got too fragile. that's the trouble with wooden rings i guess, but they're gorgeous all the same!