Tuesday, October 26, 2010

current style icon

 "icon" may be an exaggeration.
{ok it's definitely an exaggeration, but it's the word i choose to use.}
i love chuck from pushing daisies, and i love emma from glee, but honestly, as much as i admire their clothes and whole "look", it's just not me. and it probably will never be me. so choosing them as my personal style icons would be silly and impractical. 

you probably saw inception this summer {and if you didn't- you need to immediately find your bootlegging-downloading friend {cause we all have one} and get a copy to watch. tonight.} but am i the only one drooling over ellen page's wardrobe? 

i'm in love with the simple, dressed-down almost vintageness {it's a word} of it all. 

and the scarves. 
i think it comes down to the scarves. i'm obsessed with them. i wear them all the time and i was so excited to them in the movies. {really. i leaned over and squealed in husband's ear. much to his displeasure}

she may just be an absolutely adorable person in general.
ok no. she definitely is. 
{although i must confess at this point that i still haven't seen juno. *cringe* i know! i know! it's in my que}

it's all fine and well to aspire to be audery hepburn, but that's just not really me. i'll take someone with a little more down-to-earthy-ness thankyouverymuch.
all images via we heart it


  1. I would totally call Ellen Page a style icon. She may not be some supermodel, but I love her simple down-to-earth style. And I want that black dress...and bicycle.

  2. I finally watched Juno like two weeks ago! I haven't seen Inception...I know crazy. I'm so glad you commented on my blog because that led me here & your blog is so fun that now I'm gonna follow it!!

  3. i think ellen page is adorable, and her style matches yours so much more than all those other 'typical' style icons.

    (oh, and juno is cute - but i like her in 'whip it' a whole lot better!)

  4. swoon!! okay, i haven't seen inception yet (gasp!) because we don't have money for movie theaters these days (what?! $13 per person?!). but seeing those photos i know what you mean - she's classy and beautiful, but like a real person, not some glammed up movie star. Love!

  5. I totally think Ellen Page is a style icon and amazing. She is so saucy and cute in one bundle. I too am a huge fan of Chuck's style from Pushing Daisies (man I miss that show)....didn't hurt that I was in love with Ned too :)

  6. couldn't agree with you more. when i saw inception, i was wrapped up in the plot, but a little part of my brain was yelling, "AGH! i love her clothes!!" :)