Monday, October 25, 2010

bias tape brooches

in between planning for what is quickly becoming a day-long halloween party at work {the kids are out of school this friday and it's my job to keep them entertained all day} i got out my ribbon drawer and played with an idea i had runnning around in my head.

pinwheels? spirals? odd flowers? i don't know exactly, but i like them. 

{made of bias tape, ribbon and embroidery thread}

so i stuck a pin-back on them and i'm calling them brooches.

i love how this one looks on my favorite fall jacket.

i may be making a few more of these this week. they took no time at all and i like the unique look.


  1. so cute! you're amazing and make the msot adorable little things!

  2. you are so creative!! i love the color scheme on the green & grey one. they are sweet looking.

  3. So cute! You must post a tutorial!

  4. im jealous of your creativity and cuteness. that is all ♥