Saturday, October 30, 2010

sisterly love, of the embroidered kind

i made this for little sister {the elephant lover}

 i got the design from a printable valentine, here.

for sister-in-law {the math lover and teacher}

 originally found on
 i love that i doubled the nerdyness by embroidering it. it's nerdy squared!

big sister's project is currently in works this weekend. {and super secret!}


  1. The elephant is adorable and the math equation I absolute LOVE. Have you started taking orders for these adorable embroidery pieces? I really think you should...
    Have a great Halloween, Angie!

  2. haha you're so funny. "it's nerdy squared!" I always read your blogs to my boyfriend because you always make us laugh. I love the embroideries. One of my friend's love elephants.

  3. Oh, these are *so* cute!! :) Lovely!!

  4. These are so awesome and clever! Great job!