Thursday, July 8, 2010

take the plunge?

so, lately i've been in a funk {and no, i'm not going to talk about it} and the best way to get out of a funk? make a change.
and for me, a strong believer in what i like to call 'hair therapy', i've decided it's time for a change in hair style. {here's me now}

i'm thinking maybe something like this:

i haven't decided if i'm actually going to do it or not, but i've got an appointment for saturday. so no matter what i'll be getting some kinda of haircut. and really, as long as my hairstylist doesn't think it'll be horrible {because of my wavy hair}, i think i'm going to go for it. after all, i've had short hair before {granted, it was years ago and it was much shorter than i'm wanting now}

{little sister and i before prom}

{senior photo}
so, thoughts? ideas? suggestions? 
i'll definitely be showing you the final project, whether i go short or just for a trim.


  1. i say go for it! short hair is so fun in the summertime. i actually have been wanting a change too and since hubby kinda wants me to grow my hair out, i opted to lighten it. so you should cut yours so i can live vicariously through you ;)

  2. Go for it, girl! I say keep it long enough, though, so you can really style it in various ways!

    Look forward to seeing what you do :)

    I hope your funk goes away soon! Take care :)

  3. Go for it! I chopped off my hair last summer (following a botched haircut that left me with crazy, mismatched layers). My cut is somewhat similar to the gal in the top photo with longer layers in the front and shorter in the back.

    Either way, can't wait to see what you do. :)

  4. I like picture #2. Go for always look cute with shorter hair. Alicia and I went to Douglas J a month ago and I got my hair cut shorter and I really like it. Can't wait to see the hair cut and you!

  5. So I started reading the beginning of your post, and I felt like I was reading one I put up recently. I hate funks! They are no fun. But I am sure a haircut is a very good way to get rid of one! I'm trying to grow my hair out, or I would get mine cut.

    Maybe a perm is in order for something different... hmm!

  6. i'm all about hair therapy. do it up!!

  7. GO FOR IT!!! I usually change my hair when I need a new outlook, after all it grows back and you can do something different. I can't wait to see it!