Saturday, July 10, 2010

a trip to the hair experts

so before getting my haircut {rather drastically} i was carrying around these photos and repeatedly asking hubby what he thought- "do you think this will look good? you think i should do it?..." to which his answers were always pretty generic- "you won't know until you do it" or "sure"
ok?? what do i do with that?
so then i started trying to pen him into something- "well, then do you think it will look bad?" 

and then 2 things hit me:
1) hubby is actually telling me that i should do whatever i want because he thinks it'll be fine and that i'm always gorgeous to him. and he does have a few reservations. but does he just come out and say that? no. {ok fine, he actually did come out and say that, but not before hours of endless nagging on my part}  
{but what am i complaining about? i am married to a man who always thinks i look good. so no more complaining here!}
 2) i need a girlfriend! {hello! sarah! where are you when i need you! oh yes, half way across the country as usual}
but enough of that, on to the photos!
fresh from the salon, still covered in hair. my wonderful hubby took me out on the porch for my own little photo shoot {thanks babe!}

i love it!

after a little playing, i think i like it this way better {and hubby loves it!}

{awkward times photo!}
 so i took the plunge.
funk lifted. 
i'm telling ya, hair therapy works.
{oh yeah, i made my shirt too!}


  1. I love your hair! I'm so jealous -- hehehe -- my hair would never behave as nicely as yours does if I ever cut it that short, which kinda stinks because I really like shorter hair ;)


  2. So cute! Once, after a big breakup, I went straight to my hairdresser (whom I adore) and told her to chop my hair off to my shoulders (it's pretty long). She said, "Claire . . . no. I don't do break up cuts." HA! She refused to cut it that day and told me she'd be happy to if I came back in a week and still wanted it. tooooo funny. Yours looks great though!

    Also, leaving you a bloggy award on my blog right now :)

  3. looks fantastic and you have inspired me to look into a change as well! Love the shirt too! Oh I found a suzuki teacher. :)

  4. Great pics. Your hair looks fantastic.


  5. OH MY GOD!!! I love it BOTH ways! Love, love, love!!!

  6. very cute! And lovely blog & shop. love the clutches.

  7. Omg!! You look gorgeous! I've been thinking about bobbing it too! Every time I see a pic of Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley or Eddie Sedgwick, I get it into my head to go edgy...but then I'd get cold feet thinking how I can't pull it off and probably look like a little boy...lots of props to you, girl.

  8. awwww you look soo pretty, love that hairstyle!!

  9. Beautiful!! I sooo wish I could wear my hair short! I did try...I have a bag full of bobby pins to remind me not to try it again! But, I still wish! :)