Tuesday, July 20, 2010

mom, don't read this

mom, don't read this post.
seriously, just stop now.

and what is so terrible that i'm hiding from my mom? a sunburn. you might not see what's so bad about this, but you haven't seen my sunburn, and you don't know my mom. now i'm not saying she's crazy or anything, but she does have this whole {some might say obsessive} thing about sunblock, sun exposure, and skin cancer. and i don't need her worrying about me {or looking at me with those disappointed-but-still-judging eyes} you know what i'm talking about because every mom has them.
i went and did something stupid. i got a sunburn. a bad one. one like i've never had before. i thought i was too old {and wise?} to do something so stupid {because really, i know better, i was raised better} but it just so happens that the day i decide to break out my 2 piece is the day i forget sunblock and spend 3+ hours poolside.
bad news bears.
i have got one {angry} red belly.

day 1: uncomfortable
day 2: unbearable
day 3: not bad- until lunch when i got to reapply aloe and find my stomach covered in bubbles. blisters. like when you step out of the shower and have water droplets all over? it's like i forgot to dry off. horrible and mesmerising at the same time. i can't seem to look away.

and again i say, how did i let this happen?! i know better! i was raised better!

all i can think about is the summer my sister was a lifeguard and she got little bubbles all over her back, too. and i asked her what the heck they were and she gave me some nonchalant answer about it happening all the time, not being a big deal... to which i immediately freak out and yell at her about how bad it is, how she needs to wear sunblock...

oh how the mighty hath fallen.


  1. I got a real bad sunburn the summer before my freshman year of college. I was at a neighbor's house, and we were out by the pool for several hours swimming and laying out. I didn't wear any sunblock; didn't think I'd need it. That night while we were at the movie theater, I could feel it as I propped my legs up on the chair in front of me, and I was really feeling it the next day. Several days later, bubbles were cropping up on my chest. I thought it was okay to pop them. Um, no. My skin dried out so bad it looked and felt like scuffed wood. I NEVER want that to happen again. I hope your burn gets better soon.

  2. Wow. I've never had one that blistered. My mom had a melanoma about seven years ago. That was my wake up call to remember the sunscreen or stay inside.

    I hope you're feeling better soon and also that your mother doesn't kill you.

  3. Awwwww so sorry Angie! I had a bad sunburn a couple weeks ago from a very similar experience . . . but it didn't compare remotely to my Epic Sunburn of 2009. I took some sort of antibiotic that made me react to the sun, and one day at the beach left me stuck in my apartment FOR A WEEK. Not only could I not go out in public looking like a burnt Freddy Krueger, but I certainly couldn't put on a bra or anything else presentable. It was miserable. But--the super natural aloe helped, and eventually it went away . . . so sorry for your pain, but I hope it goes away soon!

  4. I'm horrible about taking care of my skin - have ended up getting sick and throwing up from sun poisoning before. Hang in there lady - keep on with the aloe!

  5. Ouch. I found sunburn cure using watermelon if it ever happens again.


  6. Oh no! Angie, that stinks. I've had bad sunburns like that one before and I always vow never to get another, but sometimes, it is to forget and stay in the sun too long. I just make sure I carry sunblock with me wherever I go all summer -- I put one in every bag. I hope your burn heals soon.

  7. I did the same thing to my shoulders back in college. The blisters are horrifying! I fee ya girl, take good care and you should probably go to the doctor to take some kind of steroids, that's a 2nd degree burn!