Friday, July 16, 2010

bad thai {as opposed to pad thai}

confession time- husband and i like to eat. we like food. but we don't like to make it. so, we don't spend our extra money on movies or shopping, we spend it eating out. and it's nice- like little dates when we get to catch up and just talk and be together.

one of our biggest problems with manhattan is the lack of cuisine variety. i mean really, it's been hard. we like international foods and generally don't go for burgers and pizza {both of which we have a plethora of in town}

lucky for us, they do have one excellent thai place. it's been our favorite from day one, and we literally eat there almost once a week. and if you had told me last summer that i would eventually grow sick and tired of eating thai food i would have said you were crazy. i love me some good thai!

until recently.

for the last 2 weeks i have absolutely refused to go there anymore. why? i'm just bored. i need something new!

which means that i no longer like our favorite restaurant, and it's causing problems.

because when you don't want to eat at the best place in town, where do you go from there? i don't know. so husband and i are now trying to find a new place to eat. but he's not so excited about it {and i'm not too thrilled about how the search is going, either}. in fact, i'm getting big puppy-dog eyes everytime i say "anywhere but thai". it's sad. and i've never been able to resist those big blue eyes before.

until now, that is.


  1. Sounds pretty fun to me . . . experimenting with all different types of food. And I tripped up for a bit when I read "One of our biggest problems with Manhattan is the lack of cuisine variety." I was like WHAT!??!? And then remembered that you live in Manhattan, Kansas--hahahaha! I hope you find a new place that charms you just like your old Thai place has!

  2. ooh, tough one! I do the same thing... right now my favorite food is dwindling and I'm really lame at change (in food) because I like what I like and there is nothing worse than a bad meal that you have to pay for. Good Luck!!

  3. I know how it feels to be frustrated by lack of food. Even where I am, it seems like we get the same thing over and over again. If you ever take a trip to the BIG Manhattan, I can recommend a seriously delicious Tibetan place, which I need to visit again and try to bribe one of the waitstaff into giving me some of their awesome recipes.

  4. We rarely go out for dinner because we find we can cook it better – and cheaper – at home. Good luck finding anything but Thai.


  5. I think Summer contributes to this - I always get kind of "fooded out" during the summer! Good luck!