Thursday, June 3, 2010

summertime pets

have i told you about my summer job yet? i think it's gonna be great. i'm babysitting {or nannying as i'm told people my age call it} for 2 kids from my school program. they're awesome and live out in the country, and they have a lot of animals.
so many animals!




{brand-new baby kitties!}

{frankie, one of 8 barn cats}



{trouble with ed}

{ed, and the other horse whose name i can't remember right now}


good thing i love animals :)


  1. That sounds like so much fun. Have a great time with the kids and all of those animals.

  2. You are one fantastically lucky woman! I mean, baby kitten AND a rabbit named Professor? Not to mention all the other animals to love. I can't wait to hear about the awesome adventures you have.

  3. wow!!!! you'll sure have a lot of memories this summer :)

  4. Pleaseeee let me have your horses?

  5. I love that the turtle's name is chewy. Have a great summer.


  6. So jealous of your summertime pets! Look at all those potential cuddles!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  7. ooo, this looks like a dream job to me. Have a great time!!!