Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my flowery weekend

what did you do for memorial day?
me? i went to visit my parents in omaha {for the last time before they move to chicago} and while the weekend was mostly filled with family time, movies, and just sitting around, we did make a trip out to lauritzen gardens. and it was gorgeous!

peek-a-boo toes!

me, mom and grandma grandma {as i always call her}

and when we took grandma back to her home, there were little ducks running around. they live in the pond right outside.

how cute are they?!

i hope you all had a weekend as beautiful as mine :)


  1. Those ducks are so picturesque! Here in New England, all we have are Mallards, which are lovely in their own way, but they're all brown- not those lovely white and yellow colors.
    Your weekend looks like it was wonderful- here's hoping the week is the same!

  2. Beautiful roses. Are your parents moving from your childhood home?