Friday, May 28, 2010

my inspiration

some time last year i started my inspiration notebook. and i don't know how i ever lived without it. 
i used to get tons of old magazines from mom and sister-in-laws, and kept them in stacks with lots of dogeared pages. but no more! i'd like to share:

it's a simple 3-ring binder, with a cloth cover that i made and embroidered {the back is light blue} i keep stuff that i'm inspired by, have diy instructions, or i want to make.
i currently have 8 different categories. they are home, clothing, accessories, paper craft, miscellaneous, random inspiration, holiday, health & beauty {i still have a few things that don't fit, so they just get tucked in the front pockets}

everything gets tucked into page protectors. multi-page articles get put together in one sleeve, and little images are taped onto a blank page.
here's a little peek at some of my favorites: {click to enlarge}


{random inspiration}

one of my all-time favorites: 

do you have your own notebook? i want to take a peek, too :)


  1. aww how cool is that and a great idea!!! i wish i had an inspiration notebook!!

  2. I plan on starting one soon! I have the book ready and waiting. It will most likely include wedding inspirations, and home. I can't wait to start finding things for it. :)

  3. I love the cover... I started with a notebook years ago and now have an entire legal filing cabinet full of inspiration. Although I try to go through it ever few years and get rid of the things I make or become outdated. I laugh at some of the stuff I have saved and wonder what I was thinking when I saved some things. :)

  4. I don't have a notebook, but I use a program called one note that is a lot like a notebook but only electronic. :)

  5. Ooooh loving this inspirational file....fulled with lovely images and wonderful ideas....need to make myself one of these :)

    Laura x

  6. I love this idea. I tried to do it with file folders, but it never felt very creative. Now, I do it online, which works for me since I don't buy magazines anymore.

  7. This is fantastic! I have random piles of inspiration that have been waiting to end up in binders... I think it's time to get around to it!