Thursday, May 27, 2010

last day of school cupcakes

today was the last day of school. we had so much fun! and one of the things i did with my kids was give out "awards" {you know, stuff like best laugh, mr. nice guy, miss congeniality, ect} so to go along with the little certificates i made up, i gave out these "award ribbon" cupcakes.
{fruit roll-up ribbons and white chocolate and sprinkle letters}

don't they look cool all together?

and if you're wondering how i carry all these cupcakes around, it's in this awesome carrier my mom gave me a few years ago. 3 stack-able tiers that fit inside a carrier with handles. very awesome. {and for me, a must-have}
they were a hit! and a lot of fun to think up. definitely not perfect, but then again, i wasn't really going for perfection :)


  1. Wow love these cupcakes...looks like a lot of work went into making them but well worth it...the final outcome it great and they look yum yum :)

    Laura x

  2. Wow! Those are awesome! You are sooo creative. Wish I could create 1/2 of what you can create. Jealous that you are done with school too, 9 more days for me!
    love/miss you!

  3. I think they are perfect...perfect in thinking about the have a great big heart!!

  4. that looks delicious. i want one. now.

  5. These are SO cute!! I imagine they were a hit! Can you share how you made the fruit roll up ribbons!!

  6. Angie, these look just fantastic! So much so that I now want to raid the pantry and make some cupcakes myself. Memorial Day is a good excuse, right?
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!