Sunday, June 6, 2010

i got to kansas city on a fridee...

husband and i went to kansas city this past weekend. i used to live there and still call it my favorite place- there are just so many things to love about it! 
we had a wonderful time, and even though kc isn't known for being a pedestrian-friendly city {it's pretty spread out} we decided to walk everywhere possible. seriously, my legs are sore!

we started at the nelson-atkins art museum {a personal favorite}
{view from the back steps}

{i remember before the shuttle cocks went in. i think they give the whole place a touch of whimsy}

the bloch building is an addition that was in the early construction stages when i left, so i was anxious to see it.
{at night}

 from there we walked down to the plaza
i love it there. 
it's gorgeous. 
they it "the city of fountains" because they're everywhere! and all the tiles and moldings were imported from italy. it's got definite character.

{this is probably the most famous- the nicholas fountain}
 {photo here}

 my favorite stops: anthropologie, betsy johnson, and barnes & noble {i know, i know, not nearly as exciting as the first two, but i'm seriously having a hard time without a nice big book store in town} 
 we stopped for lunch at balsano's {a little italian bistro} for quiche and gelato. delicious! 

from there we went on to westport, where we had dinner at the jerusalem cafe {i think i died and went to heaven there. i had forgotten just how good the food is. i want to swim in a vat of their hummus. for reals.} and shopped a little more, like at this adorable little store i made husband go to. {opened by two sisters- how cute is that?}

 we ended our time in westport at tea drops.
i just love bubble tea! and i just hate how you can't get anything like that here....
well, anyway, i can see i'm rambling on a bit. but did i mention that it's one of my favorite places? and i think we're going back next weekend too :) i love to take little adventures with my hubby. and i love to share them with you, too <3


  1. yayyy you visited KC, that's where i live! =) i love shopping on the plaza and OMG, i can't believe i have never heard of or been to bon bon atelier, i MUST check it out!! btw, another place you can get bubble tea on the weekends (from about 9am-4pm) is lollicup in citymarket (i used to work there)! and have you been to blanc burger on the plaza? if no, you must check it out!!

  2. It sounds like y'all had a great time! I've never even heard of bubble tea. All we drink down South is the sweet stuff! Lol. The new building you were talking about is gorgeous, it's just so illuminated. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I've never been to Kansas City, but it looks (and sounds) pretty great!

    Hooray for going back next weekend!

  4. I live in KC and love living here. We live in the northland, so we don't go south to those things very often, but I always enjoy when we do. you walked all the way to westport from the plaza? holy cow.