Thursday, March 18, 2010

violin case project

i don't know why i didn't do this before! granted, it's not the most amazing thing ever, but it's such an improvement!
violin cases are so boring, and mostly all look the same {the biggest differences often being whether it's black or brown} i can't tell you how many times i've gone up to a group of cases and opened the wrong one. whoops!

and just in case you wanted to follow my train of thought on this project, here it is:
1) i originally thought of embroidering something musical on it. but i don't have any embroidery skills to speak of
2) so then i thought about sewing on a few buttons and embroidering little stems on them to make them into notes.

 i actually made two of these, but it wasn't good. just not quite right.
but i liked the button idea, 
3) so i thought about sewing buttons all along the edge. i got out my stash of buttons, sorted them by color and had every intention of just putting them in random order. but as i started lining them up it looked really dull and boring. a little too random.
4) so then, since they were already grouped by color i thought i'd just sew a line of one color until it ran out and then switch colors. 

5) and then i thought, if i'm gonna do color, i might as well go rainbow. 
and that's what i ended up with. i'm sure the buttons will pop off over time, but that'll be easy to fix. and if i ever change my mind about the whole thing, they'll come off easily and leave the case in tact. 
i used lots of my old vintage buttons with things like trains, hats, and various animals that i've been hoarding.


  1. That's so fun!! I love it!

  2. EEEK! I'm in love. Rainbows and buttons tend to do that to me!

  3. Oh my, so cheerful and cute! I can't believe you SEWED them all on! I would have given up halfway through and just glued them all.

  4. It's awesome! I have a budding violinist who will love this!

  5. I never knew there was such a wide variety of vintage buttons. This is so cool.