Friday, March 19, 2010

card for sister

my sister broke her ankle {surgery scheduled for monday}, had a birthday, and is playing for yo yo ma, all in one week.
{what a week!}
so i made her a get well slash happy birthday slash good luck card.

and yes, you heard right, she's playing for yo yo ma! today! i am beyond thrilled and excited and very proud of my little sis. needless to say, i'll be posting some photos and other braggy things after the master class is over. 

send her some good cello {and get well} vibs, won't you?


  1. awwww.....I hope she feels better soon;) Happy Weekend!

  2. That is such a wonderful card! Good luck to your sister! Hope she feels better soon!

  3. Hope she feels better - that is a very sweet card!

  4. joy gets to do the coolest things. hope her foot heals you get to listen to her play, too?

  5. What a seriously busy week for your sister! Your card is adorable -- you have such talent.
    I hope all went well for your sister on Friday and that you're having a lovely weekend (what's left of it).

  6. Can't WAIT to hear about the masterclass! Go Joy!

  7. what a great card!
    She's so lucky to play for Yoyo Ma! what an honor!