Sunday, March 28, 2010

spa night cupcakes

last weekend my mom gave me this book as an early birthday present.
{i have a thing for cupcakes} 
it's completely adorable {crack it open next time you pass it in the bookstore}
 so, i was inspired to make these for our girls' spa night:
mint lifesavers = cucumbers, m&ms = hair/curlers, green frosting = facemask
i used ziplock bags to pipe the nose and lips

 we had lots of food, did facials, made salt scrub, did our nails, played a hilarious telephone-meets-pictionary game, and rockband. it was a good time.

{the ginger with the ginger cupcake}


  1. Very cute! I love cupcakes too. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Oh wow... spa night!! That sound fantastic! And you know I love a good game of telephone-pictonary (especially when there is wine involved!!)

    Those cupcakes are too cute for words. Although my boobie cupcakes were pretty grand...

  3. Oh, man. Wish I could've been in on that fun. Those cupcakes are adorable! You're so inventive and creative. :)

  4. Those cupcakes look so great! I just love the green
    "mask" on them!

  5. that book and those cupcakes look fabulous :) xx

  6. Spa night sounds like so much fun! I bet the cupcakes made it even more fantastic.

  7. Stopping by from SITS.

    I love that book, full of so many creative ideas! And your Spa Cupcakes are so cute! I have a spa getaway coming up I may steal your idea!

  8. Those are incredibly adorable! Will be making them for a spa night I am throwing for my sister's bachelorette party.