Monday, March 29, 2010

may day basket exchange!

  as a kid, may day {may 1} was always a much loved holiday- running to neighbors' doors and leaving basket full of flowers, candy and tons of other little goodies! and even better, may day traditionally marks the end of winter, and who doesn't love that?
i've already been thinking about all the fun things i'm going to do with my kids at school to celebrate, but i thought it might be even more fun to spread the may day love around and do a package exchange. 
 so who's with me?
exchange details: since may day is all about the end of winter, this exchange is going to be all about spring and warmer weather! have fun with it and get creative with your 'basket' of goodies: music, reading material, crafty goodies, prints or postcards- whatever makes you thing of spring! but to ensure it's a fair exchange, just make sure your package is worth at least $10-15.

to sign up: just email me!
make sure you include all this info:
-snail mail address
-blog or website address {required}
-willing to ship internationally: y/n
-how many swap partners you'd like: 1, 2 or 3 {asking for multiple partners means you will receive multiple packages}

timeline: sign ups begin today {march 29} and end april 12. that gives you 2 weeks to sign up, and another 2 weeks to get your 'baskets' ready to send sometime during the last week in april so they can all arrive by may 1. may day!


  1. You know I'm in! You;ll have to guess my info though...

  2. You have the best ideas...I think it's because you work with kids too :)

  3. I'm in:

    I'll write a post and put up the button tomorrow!

  4. of course I'm in! :) spring to me, means love is in the air! :)


  5. id love to participate :)

  6. I am super excited to participate in this! Weeeee!