Friday, March 26, 2010

beat 'em up! beat 'em up! ksu!

in a town that could never be accused of lack of pride- where an opportunity to plaster something {anything!} with the power cat is never passed by, there still somehow seems to be an explosion of purple here lately.

march madness has hit us, and it's hit us hard!

last night's game against xavier was amazing. the town literally went nuts {i'm using the word "literally" here literally} as soon as we won, people opened their doors and screamed, college students were running around campus in hoards, aggieville went nuts, and fireworks lit up the sky. it was a ruckus to be heard around the whole city of manhattan.

and then today npr pronounced the game "the best in the tournament"

yes my friends, it's good to be a wildcat <3


  1. I'm not a super-sporty gal, but I admit my love for March Madness. Unfortunately, my Maryland Terps got ousted in the second round!

    Have a PEAR-fect weekend! :)

  2. Go Wildcats! K-State is my old stomping grounds. :)

  3. Much better with your transformation!! Love that orange:)
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