Monday, January 25, 2010

city (comma) state

in my early college years, me and pretty much every single one of my friends were obsessed with homestar runner. for those of you who don't know, it's a website with funny animated videos featuring an odd group of characters.

every monday, a new strong bad email would come out, and i waited with anticipation, watched it {usually several times} and then proceeded to spend the rest of the week making jokes about it with friends, as we all worked on our character impressions.

i stopped watching when i moved to michigan {since i no longer had anyone to share the jokes with} and haven't seen it for years. but i was feeling nostalgic today and decided to check it out again {i wasn't even sure it was still around}

while there, i watched this recent strong bad email about independent films and couldn't get enough of it. i was surprised at how hilarious it was {or at least i thought so}. now, i love me some indie films {and music, and crafters and on and on} but i thought this was totally right on. so i thought i'd share. 

oh strong bad, who knew you had such bitting and hilarious social commentary hidden under that wrestling mask?


  1. because, as it were.

    so great! i LOVED this stuff in high school. too bad we weren't besties way back then. oh strong bad, you had me at choosy moms choose gif!

  2. I just read an article about how homestarrunner still has a loyal following!

    Glad to know they're still hilarious. I knew someone in college who set his computer to say "eeeeemaaaaillllll!" just like the Snitch every time he got an email. It made me laugh every single time I heard it.

  3. I watched something similar similar - always had different animations and songs, often rude, but it always made me giggle!!

  4. Hi there, fellow PEAR! My friends and I were also Homestar Runner fans in its heyday, and this one is just too spot-on. We still find ourselves embarrassingly quoting it from time to time... so this is definitely getting forwarded to them :)

  5. That's great. I am far too old to have been part of the craze.

  6. Hello from PEAR! Just stopping by to leave a little bloggy love today. :)