Sunday, January 24, 2010

we're talkers

i've been waiting all week to share this next bestie post! sarah and i started this little project a couple weeks ago, and it has become one of the highlights of my week. i hope you're all enjoying it too! {you can catch up here}

ok, enough build up, here is today's word:

when i think about sarah and how our friendship started i think of all the conversations we had. she's been listening to me since the first days of our acquaintance- when i would go to spanish study sessions and complain about wedding planning. i didn't have too many girlfriends and sometimes i just needed to vent a little, and even though we were just getting to know each other, she was always an ear for me. looking back, of course, i see how amazing it is she was even interested in talking to me at all after that!

but when the two of us are together it's hard to shut up. 

we've have some pretty amazing and crazy times together, but there's not much i love more than just talking together. about important things- about nothing- about everything.

i'm quite proficient at rambling and she never tunes it out {a skill indeed!} and i also tend to get stuck on subjects and talk and talk about it {like a broken record} and she gets it. more than that, she joins in and is happy to talk about the same thing for hours at a time, too! {like a new job, or blogging, or our newest crafty exploit} there's no feeling in the world like talking yourself out with a friend. a best friend.

our dialogues are rarely profound or life changing, but when you add them all up and put them together, they kinda are.

now go see sarah and hear her take on the subject. {it's sure to please!}


  1. *sniff* Sweet! Besties are the BEST!

  2. this is so adorable. and i agree with marie-jolie...besties are the best.