Thursday, November 19, 2009

side trip to wamego

i went to visit the doctor today in topeka and i actually enjoyed the drive a lot (a nice sunny day) driving through farm fields, and seeing old farm houses. then, on my way home i made a little side trip to wamego kansas. a tiny little town (of approx 5000 people) and it was adorable! i'm kinda in love with small town kansas.

the oz winery- next door to the oz museum!
(don't worry, i went in and took a ton of photos, but i'll post those later)

the old mill. already decorated for christmas. how quaint.

the wamego museum (next to the old mill) i didn't have time to check this one out, but it looks sweet.
wamego museum

and then, walking around downtown and checking out various antique stores and local shops, i came across the cutest store! it's full (to the brim) of purses and jewelry and i'm in love with the way it's decorated. hopefully this will give you the general idea:
new york fashion exchange

the second room- twall wallpaper? vintage black and white prints? i could live in there


don't forget to look up! i love these ceilings and matching chandeliers, understated but very chic
(, i bought your christmas present here :)

stay tuned for photos of the wizard of oz museum! (you won't be disappointed. probably)


  1. Just took my first grade students to the Wizard of Oz play on Wednesday at the local high school. It was wonderful! The kiddos loved doing the book as a read aloud, the play, and the movie!

  2. what a cute little town! Small towns are the most photogenic in my opinion =) hope you have a lovely weekend dear

  3. hey, how did it go at the doctor visit?

  4. I love small towns. Small town Texas is so picturesque (most of the time!)

    Wamego looks so cute, I especially love the shop you went into!

  5. Wizard of Oz Museum looks awesome! I love your blog--so refreshingly original. I'm following you too! :)

  6. As I would probably never get there, I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.