Wednesday, November 18, 2009


...i took a break from my crazy sewing schedule to attend to everyday details that i have been pushing off since sunday (buying toothpaste, putting on clean clothes, going to work, you know, the usual). i don't plan on doing any more sewing until next week. i got six new bags made and i'm pretty happy with that (i'll be posting photos soon)
...i'm going to bed early because i'm exhausted! i still can't breath properly, and i get winded from doing normal shouldn't-be-such-a-big-deal things (taking the trash out, talking too much, walking up stairs, you know, the usual) but the good news is i'm going to topeka (state capitol, at least 45 minutes away) tomorrow to see an allergist.asthma specialist! yay for being normal again! i fully expect to return with a hand full of prescriptions and i'm praying the good doctor won't tell me we need to get rid of one or both kitties!
...hubby made our first fire in our fireplace! very exciting! (he was way more into it than me, but coughing fits make me cranky, so you can't trust my reactions today)


  1. I love the first fire of the year. There isn't much need for one here in San Diego yet. I can't wait to get home to NJ!

  2. i've had asthma since i was a child - hope u feel better soon

  3. I love making the fire too, in Texas it's usually a couple months into winter though.

  4. I wish you feel better soon. My sister and my BFF have both asthma and it's not fun during this time of the year.

    This is my first winter in 17 years without a fireplace and I miss it so much, but I do like my new house and I now the fireplace is coming....

    Thank you for stopping by

  5. Hope your asthma gets better. I had a bout with it once when I had a really bad cold.. It was not fun.

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.