Friday, November 20, 2009

oz museum!

stopped by the oz museum yesterday and it was awesome! i think the photos speak for themselves (i took way too many so i tried to narrow it down a little)
$4 for students and you get to see all this:

hand beaded ruby slippers (hundreds and hundreds of swarovski crystals)

so much oz memorabilia! who doesn't want this tea set!?

the characters were surprising well done, and very realistic

i'm in love with these old stuffies. how cute! maybe some day i'll try to make my own


the most amazing handmade quilt. so much detail! it's incredible.
it is displayed in the museum's theater that shows the move 24/7

i do believe in spooks. i do believe in spooks. i do i do i do i do believe in spooks

it's good to be the wizard

in short, i would recommend it! everything is really well done, and very organized. and of course, lots and lots of kitch. and i love me some kitch!


  1. What a strange and fascinating place! I love how that story really seemed to capture us all.

  2. wizard of oz was hands down my favorite movie when i was a kid. this museum looks incredible. if i ever make it to kansas, i'll be there in a heartbeat.

    also: i like the leopard print tights/leggings with jeans layering look you got going on. . .very cool

  3. What an awesome museum! I especially love Dorothy's slippers!

  4. amazing post, looks like you had fun. keep up the great job. I will have to go there somethime. visiting from SITs.