Monday, November 9, 2009

about a mouse

i had an amazing weekend.
one of those weekends where every moment is good.

hubby and i went to a poetry reading at a local art gallery on friday night, then headed to omaha for some time with my family on saturday. and even though we were only there for 24 hours it was wonderful!
so much laughing my stomach still hurts.

josh was doing homework most of our time there,
but we got to spend some quality time together on the trip there and back.

i love traveling with him because i can call a three hour car-ride "quality time" and he makes it seem so much shorter! i'm so glad that after 2 years of dating and 3 years of marriage we can still talk for hours.

anyway, one of my favorite stories from the weekend involves my dad.
background: my dad loves christmas lights, and takes great pride in his yearly (very classy and beautiful) displays.
he also has a terrible habit of breaking things (such as ribs, ankles, and heads) and falling off ladders.

exhibit a: one year (when i was around 8) he was putting up decorations, fell of the ladder onto the fence post and broke several ribs.

exhibit b: last year he was putting up decorations at the office and fell off the ladder, badly sprained his wrist and was very disoriented for hours.

this year my mom called to tell me that he fell off the ladder. again. and broke something. again.
it was a mouse.
he fell on a mouse and killed it.

only my dad.
i love him :)

(putting up more lights with both feet safely and firmly planted on the ground)


  1. oh girl.

    i miss you so much! thanks for the stories!

    love ya!

  2. That is too funny! I still remember when we were decorating for your wedding and your dad was standing on something while hanging lights, I can't remember if it was a ladder, but he fell and landed on his backside. He must have gotten a huge bruise but at least he didn't break anything that day!

  3. Oh no!!! I thought my dad was the only one who did this... well, he didn't fall on a mouse, but he fell and broke his ankle... and he fell and scrapped his head... and he fell and hurt his rearend... well, you get it! :)