Monday, November 9, 2009

"it's just so subtle it's like japanese soup" - tim gunn

my best bloggy friend, and real life soul mate sarah awarded me with the sugar doll award!

my first award ever, and it's so intimidating! i'm pretty sure i don't deserve it,
but are the required 10 things about myself:

1: i would rather spend an evening at the opera than the movie theater

2: i could eat breakfast food all the time. in fact, i would prefer to.
(although along those same lines, having dessert for breakfast is the best!)

3: i love being married! and i don't care how codependent it makes me sound but
my life would be boring without hubby

4: i hate my hair. i hate fixing my hair. i hate washing my hair. it's all boring.

5: no matter how unmaterialistic i try to be, i always want a new pair of shoes. always.
(scarf tied oxfords from anthropologie)

6: i secretly wish i could dance really well. like fred astair and beyonce.

7: i go to hobby lobby and see things i need, not things i want

8: even though i own (love and adore) both of my kitties, i still consider myself a dog person at heart.

9: thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it always means time with great food and family. the best combo ever! (closely followed by chocolate and peanut butter)

10: i want to grow up to be like a woman from my church in michigan, but she doesn't know
(cute, crafty, award-winning crafty, stay at home mom, and did i mention adorable?)

so now i'm passing it on to:
joanne at the balancing act


  1. Thanks for the award! Now I just have to find the time to do it. Meanwhile... have you noticed how almost alike your Cache (sp?) and my foster Buick are?

  2. angelina la dawn (love your name!) your list is fabulous!!!! Someday i want to be co-dependant like you and your husband.

    and #10 is just SOOO CUTE!!!

    btw- i hate washing my hair because it's such a pain! lol

    so nice to meet you!!! i will visit you often, i promise. You should TOTALLY join my ornament swap! don't make me make sarah make you do it ;) you're crafty and i bet would make a great addition!