Tuesday, November 10, 2009

moms are the best

and crafty moms are even better!
this weekend i came home with tons of goodies. i raided my mom's crafty storage and anything i asked for was mine!
let me show you:

tons of buttons

piles of ribbon, piping, lace, bias tape and ric rak

zippers galore

gromets, studs, snaps, buckles and other various embelishments

and then it gets better!
my big sister left me tons of scrapbooking stuff.

specialty scissors, extra large shape punches, cutting blades, star flower and oval guides of all sizes, corner punches, acid free markers, paper cutters, boxes of double-stick tape refills and photo corners

packages of 12"by12" papers (double-sided) 12"by12" cardstock, tons of stickers, labels, velum, ect. and a satchel to hold them all in. seriously, this photo does no justice to the amount of goodies!

not pictured:
piles of fabric (mostly vintage), 2 dresses my mom made in college (read: vintage, homemade, awesome!)
many spools of thread and bobbins

vintage necklaces, silk scarves and brooches from grandma

needless to say, christmas came early for this girl.


  1. Hi! I don't know if you got my blogcatalog.com reply from the other evening so if not, let me begin by saying thank you for taking the time to respond to my 'Will the REAL bloggers please stand up' discussion. It's so nice to know that I am not a lone blogger in a blogosphere filled with people selling stuff!

    I tried to get onto your site last night but couldn't so I tried again this morning and what a pleasant surprise!

    The cheery sunflower got my attention straight away and I love your pics, too. All those remnants and swatches and buttons...oh my! I get crafty every now and again...but I like to think of myself as an 'appreciater of crafts'. I'm one of those people who goes 'oooh, that's neat' but winds up going 'dang it!' when I try to do the same thing!

    I look forward to visiting your site again as I do love artistically oriented photos! I hope you'll get a chance to visit my site in the future and while it has no photos (or much flair at all I'm sad to say...not really sure how to do that!) it is filled with brief essays that are most often comical reflections of my life, 'Tragic Tales of Beauty', or something I like to call 'Six Degrees of Historically Significant Separation'.

    Cheers and keep up the great work!

    L Avery Brown

  2. Well goodness me! Avery here again. I just went to my blog dashboard to work on a posting and saw that I had a new follower...lo & behold...it was you!

    Thank you so very kindly! I hope you enjoy perusing my musings!

    Again, thanks and I look forward to tiptoeing around your blog in the future!

    Most cordially,

  3. One of my very favorite things was to visit my grnadmother (and now my mom) and raid their stockpiles of buttons, zippers, fabric scraps, etc.
    Now that my Nana is gone, I treasure those jars of buttons more than if I she had left me jewelry.
    Thanks for comment on my blog!

  4. I am SOOOOO jealous! Really! Unbelievably so! Look at all those goodies, you lucky duck you!

  5. i love craft supplies! the best part is finding them in unexpected places or getting them for free. i truly enjoyed this post. i'm a button-lover so the first picture had me drooling. :)